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Sign Our "Hands Off Medicare!" Petition

Today, half of all Medicare beneficiaries have an annual income below $26,200. And we’ve heard too many stories of retirees foregoing vital health services or rationing medications because they can’t meet soaring costs. That’s why Medicare should not be cut to fund massive tax breaks for the wealthy or to pay down soaring budget deficits.

Medicare must be protected and strengthened — not cut or radically reformed — for the nearly 60 million Americans who depend on their earned Medicare benefits. Yet there are powerful members of Congress and in the Trump Administration who support a devastating agenda for Medicare that includes:

Repealing the Affordable Care Act which would hike prescriptions drug costs for older Americans, increase costs for preventive care services, force Americans to lose Medicaid, including long term coverage, and push health care premiums and deductibles upwards;

Ending traditional Medicare by privatizing it for the benefit of huge insurance companies, which will make it difficult for seniors to keep their doctor and shift massive health care costs onto beneficiaries; and

Raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67, which would amount to a benefit cut for millions of Americans.

As someone relying on Medicare now or in the near future, you must insist that the promise of Medicare be upheld by our government. That’s why the National Committee — as one of the largest, most effective advocacy groups in the nation fighting to defend Medicare — is conducting this nationwide petition campaign. Already we’ve delivered more than one million petitions to Capitol Hill demanding that Congress keeps its “Hands Off Medicare,” but we must keep the pressure on lawmakers!

This movement in Washington to gut a crucial social insurance program amounts to nothing less than a war on people at all levels of income and employment who are counting on health security in their retirement. The National Committee, empowered by working Americans and beneficiaries across the country, is fighting ‘round the clock to counter these growing attacks against earned benefits.

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