Protect Social Security for all beneficiaries! | National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Protect Social Security for all beneficiaries!

Dear U.S. Representative:

As your constituent and someone who has paid into Social Security my entire working life, I am concerned about the agenda now underway in Washington to target Social Security with deep cuts and eligibility restrictions.

Congress has created a Social Security crisis where there isn't one — currently the Social Security Trust Fund has a surplus of $2.8 trillion! Yet lawmakers have put Social Security on a collision course that will devastate this program and reduce the benefits that millions of Americans depend on to survive.

That’s why I’m writing to you today to remind you:

  • Social Security is our government’s most successful and popular program, and any cut to benefits would endanger the well-being of millions of current recipients and their families.
  • Social Security is an insurance policy that millions of American citizens deserve to receive if they cannot work because of a disability.
  • Social Security is an earned benefit that American workers pay for throughout their productive lives. It is not an “entitlement” and it is not a handout.

At a time when more Americans than ever before are counting on their earned benefits for a secure retirement and a minimal safety net, Congress should be working to support, protect and strengthen Social Security. That’s why I urge you to work closely with the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare as you consider legislation that could impact earned benefits.