We need a permanent fix to lower drug costs! | National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

We need a permanent fix to lower drug costs!

At a time when big Pharma continues to bring in record profits, while consumers are seeing their health care costs soar, the National Committee is putting pressure on Congress to protect and expand consumer access to affordable drugs by passing the Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Act.

That’s why we need to take a stand now and make it clear to Congress that the American people are fed up with soaring drug prices.

I’m counting on the participation of you and thousands of other National Committee members and supporters to urge lawmakers to pass legislation that will hold the pharmaceutical industry accountable for their unfair drug pricing. So please sign the petition and tell your U.S. Senators to support S. 2011, a bill that would rein in the power of drug companies and reduce out-of-control drug prices for millions of Americans.


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