Give Now to Help Kath & Millions of Other Seniors! National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Give Now to Help Kath & Millions of Other Seniors!

Like most older Americans, Kath is concerned about her ability to afford the rising costs of insurance, gas and groceries. She continues to work part-time even though she’s officially retired.

According to Kath, who finds it difficult to live on Social Security alone, without her earned benefits, she would be in a “world of hurt.” That’s why she joined the National Committee and volunteers with us to raise awareness about the critical nature of Social Security. And we value Kath and our million+ members and supporters just like her who have taken action to protect and strengthen Social Security for current and future generations of Americans.

Please GIVE TODAY to help us protect and strengthen this popular and effective retirement program! We face huge battles in the coming months, so your donation means more than ever. If you give right now, your gift will be DOUBLED, thanks to the generosity of a loyal member.

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Minimum payment $5.00.
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