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Give Now to Help Nettie & Millions of Other Seniors!

After raising four children and working in real estate, Nettie Hailes claimed Social Security benefits at age 65. In addition to her own benefits, Nettie began receiving a survivor benefit after her husband’s passing. She manages her money wisely to pay for her medical expenses, upkeep on her home and property taxes. She is proud to stay within her means but says it’s tough to try and keep up because the cost-of-living is so high.

According to Nettie, “I absolutely need my benefits and would not be able to make it without them.” That’s why she joined the National Committee and volunteers with us to raise awareness about the critical nature of Social Security. And we value Nettie and our million+ members and supporters just like her who have taken action to protect and strengthen Social Security for current and future generations of Americans. Please GIVE TODAY to help us protect this popular and effective retirement program from devastating cuts! We face huge battles in the coming months, so your donation means more than ever. If you give right now, your gift will be DOUBLED, thanks to the generosity of a loyal member.
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Minimum payment $5.00.
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